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September 24, 2017

The past 2 weeks has been a struggle for most of the members of the Lehigh Chapter. In fact 2 weeks ago today, on September 10, Lehigh Acres experienced a Cat 2 level hurricane as the eye of hurricane Irma swept through SW Florida, making landfall at Marco Island then traveling north up the west coast of Florida. Significant property damages have been reported but all members are safe! Power companies from all over the nation came to help restore electric, for some getting their power turned back on only yesterday. One of our founding members, Joan Starr, was supposed to celebrate her 80th birthday on the Friday prior to the storm. Unfortunately the party had to be cancelled since a lot of the members had already hunkered down or left town. Plus there was the fact that her family members who were flying in from out of town were not able to secure flights since the airlines had already begun curtailing the flights into SW Florida. Cleanup efforts are now underway and hopefully there will soon be a somewhat return to normalcy here in the coming weeks. There have been many phone calls, emails, and text messages pouring in from all over the nation with offers of help...ALL appreciated! With the lack of power and limited cell service for most of the 2 week period it's been difficult to reach out from Lehigh to let folks know how we are faring. Please be assured that our chapter members and their famiies are doing well as they work to get their homes, properties, and lives back in order.

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