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September 08, 2017

The members of the Lehigh Acres chapter are currently preparing for a Cat 4 hurricane to reach us this Sunday, September 10. Because the storm's eye has shifted from east to west to east and now to central Florida, the anxiety levels are running extremely high. Fuel is in short supply so some of the evacuees are having trouble gassing up, and then once they are on their way the problem persists with fuel stations being out of gasoline. Added to that issue are those who have been mandatory evacuated from the Keys and the east coast, so the main evacuation artieries, i.e., I75 and I95, are experiencing bumper to bumper traffic at a snail pace. What is normally an 8 hour drive to the Georgia/Florida border from Lehigh has been taking travelers upwards of 16 hours to get there. Additionally, water, batteries, plywood, and generators are among some of the essentials that are also extemely hard to come by. As chapter President, I have encouraged all members of our chapter to remain in contact with each other, as much as is practical, either by landline, cell phone, or internet. Power outages are going to impact us eventually and indefinitely so if anyone outside our area is trying to reach one of our members, please be patient and understand that they may not be capable of making/receiving phone calls or being able to access internet services. As soon as we are in the clear and an assessment of damage and injuries has been conducted, I will provide an update via this media.

Judy Carter, President Lehigh Acres Chapter

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