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September 26, 2017

Sharon Tyson gave the Vocational talk this month giving everyone a synopsis of her varied work history and her reasons for belonging to ABWA as the friendships she had made and the confidence built over the years. Also included in the guest list were Daniela Galindo, Nancy Munoz and Isabel Nieves-Perez along with Julie Gustenberger. Daniela and Nancy are the scholarship recipients from South Plains College and Isabel is the Rae Nell Griggs recipient from Texas Tech. The scholarship recipients spoke individually, each giving thanks for the help provided through the scholarship money. Daniela is from Southland and wants to earn her CPA eventually from either TTU or LCU. Nancy hails from Levell and wants to help her family by becoming an Industrial Engineer. Each of these young ladies has circumstances in their families that made them realize how important obtaining a solid education can be. Isabel, our Rae Nell Griggs recipient, is a self-professed military brat from Puerto Rico who is working on a double major in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. She aspires to obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. We also learned from Julie about the new SPC Lubbock Center. SPC shared a campus with the Byron Martin center and it ultimately ran out of room. The old Shamrock Chevrolet dealership at 3907 Avenue Q was sold to SPC for $2 million and the 80,000 square foot building was renovated at a cost of $11 million. The facility houses the technical skills education such as welding and phlebotomy to name a few. The faculty and staff are excited about their new facility and would welcome visitors to show off their new home.

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