Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

A League of the American Business Women's Association
Dallas , TX

Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

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March 2018 Meeting
Monday, March 19 @ 5:30pm

Meeting Location: 1st Floor Conference Room
7920 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254

Join us for our March meeting as Laura Morlando & Jennifer Moussa present "My APEX Campus: Your Syllabus for Success." Come learn and connect with professionally minded entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals.

RSVP by Thursday, March 15 : Early Bird Registration Ends 3/15/18 Members $15 Guests $20 Late $25

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League News

February 19, 2018

Congratulations to Ayn Llopis, Jennifer Moussa, and Nanell Mawbey for earning their respective awards. Ayn and Jennifer are both such valuable members of our association that we awarded BOTH of them with the Woman of the Year honor.

And Nanell has the honor of representing our league as the Top Ten Candidate. Nanell, we look forward to your journey and hope to see you representing us on the stage at the national level.

Congratul

League Vision Statement

The vision of the Outlook Positive Express Network (OPEN) is to have a welcoming environment, inspiring our members to get involved locally and nationally, both in ABWA and the Community. We are OPEN to all women, (OPEN to those who support women in business), OPEN to networking, OPEN to self-improvement, OPEN to advancement, OPEN to exploring possibilities, and OPEN to creating lasting friendships.

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