Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

A League of the American Business Women's Association
Dallas , TX

Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

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Emergent Leader Fundraiser
Saturday, July 21 @ 10am

Meeting Location: Bill J Priest Institute for Economic Development
1402 Corinth Street Rd
Dallas, TX 75215

Join us to learn from Lorie Burch, Attorney and Candidate for US Congress, Faith Johnson, Dallas District Attorney, and Pat Peterson, International Singing Sensation. Each of these women took a unique leadership journey to discover their inner voice. They overcame their fears and not only found their voice, but now yell from the mountaintops each day to help others. Buy your ticket now to realize that "Your Voice Matters" and learn how to use it to influence and inspire others.

RSVP by Sunday, July 01 : VIP $50 | General Admission $30

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League News

May 14, 2018


National Women's Association Approves Dallas-based Member for National Leadership Journey

Dallas, TX - May 14, 2018 - Each year, the American Business Women's Association (ABWA), provides practical leadership experience, mentorship, and sponsorship to over 1400 leaders. The Dallas-based group of this National Association, the Outlook Positive Express Network (OPEN) is read more...

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League Vision Statement

The vision of the Outlook Positive Express Network (OPEN) is to have a welcoming environment, inspiring our members to get involved locally and nationally, both in ABWA and the Community. We are OPEN to all women, (OPEN to those who support women in business), OPEN to networking, OPEN to self-improvement, OPEN to advancement, OPEN to exploring possibilities, and OPEN to creating lasting friendships.

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