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Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

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January 18, 2018

Starry-eyed, blown mind, knowledge & wisdom, classes with credits & degrees that were given... Best Practices, so many awards... truly there wasn't any time to be bored. Energized, enlightened, supported, soul found; the strong, successful women who were all around...Seriously, I could never prepare someone for the experience I had and those are only a fraction of the words that first came to mind when I was asked my thoughts on being a first time National ABWA Conference attendee.

My standouts were: 1. The Circle of Reciprocity - I have never been in an environment where EVERY single woman was invested in assisting another. 2. The accessibility to the minds of success & their willingness to be frank, open, encouraging & to treat you as an equal. 3. The education offered & that it actually matters, as in people graduated & received degrees! 4. The friendships & connections.

I was truly blessed to receive the Living The Mission Sponsorship from Lynn Gross, without this I would not have been able to attend. So donate for those who may not otherwise be able & for those who can make sure you make the time and attend. There aren't enough words to tell you why you will be forever changed by the value gained from attending a National Conference.

-Jennifer Moussa