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May 14, 2018


National Women's Association Approves Dallas-based Member for National Leadership Journey

Dallas, TX - May 14, 2018 - Each year, the American Business Women's Association (ABWA), provides practical leadership experience, mentorship, and sponsorship to over 1400 leaders. The Dallas-based group of this National Association, the Outlook Positive Express Network (OPEN) is no stranger to developing leaders. In the past four years, OPEN has successfully sponsored two members who served as National leaders within ABWA. The first member is now running for U.S. Congress. The second member is currently the Director of a National non-profit. And now, OPEN is ecstatic to announce their sponsorship of Rebecca Dollinger as the 2018 approved candidate for ABWA District II Vice President! This journey will allow Rebecca to take her local leadership to the National level.

Founded in 1949, ABWA's mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition. OPEN, formed in 2004, provides women hands-on leadership experience. OPEN encourages their members to take risks and fearlessly persist, knowing that they have a National network of women supporting them. Each member's journey in the Association is unique; the commonality is that any engaged member will experience growth. ABWA has always been and will always be a "grow YOU" Association.

Rebecca's campaign platform is "Your Voice Matters!" She believes, "Strength comes from challenging yourself and taking risks. Courage comes from following your heart and your dreams. Power comes from realizing your voice matters." Rebecca is the embodiment of the three tenets of her campaign. Running for a National office in a 69-year-old Association takes equal measures of strength, courage, and power. The authenticity and integrity that radiate from Rebecca when you first meet her are palpable, so it is no wonder that she considers this journey less of a race and more of an uplifting collaboration.

By running for National office, Rebecca hopes to learn from top business women all over the country to be a better speaker and sharpen her active listening skills. Rebecca is a professional copywriter who works with women-owned businesses of all sizes. She writes for companies across the US and internationally. For over 14 years, her passion as "Rebecca Stylewriter" is to make her clients look fabulous. Rebecca has had the privilege to use her writing platform to give women voices who had none; the abused, the culturally silenced, the oppressed. Rebecca is overwhelmingly grateful that she can use her talent to tell the stories of these women's strength, fortitude, and faith.

Congratulations Rebecca for being willing to step into the power of realizing that "Your Voice Matters" and opening the door for others who are on the path to recognizing theirs. If you are looking for an established Association to show you that "Your Voice Matters", click https://tinyurl.com/ABWAOPENMailingList. Take the leap of faith to experience the magic of ABWA and learn new skills in a safe environment to grow to your next level...

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