Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

A League of the American Business Women's Association
Dallas , TX

Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

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March 2017 Meeting  is Monday, March 20 @ 5:30pm 15.0

Meeting Location: 1st Floor Conference Room
7920 Belt Line Road (SW Corner of Belt Line and Coit)
Dallas, Tx. 75254
Dallas, TX 75254

Program: You Are Designed To Master Your Money! Are you the master of your money? Do you know what it takes to master your money? Are you doing what it takes to master your money?! The Social Security administration reports that of the 95% entering retirement, approximately 35% have an average nest egg of ~$100,000 and approximately 60% have nothing! Will you have enough to retire and maintain the level of lifestyle to which you have become accustomed? While many pray they are part of the 5% who will have enough, very few are? Masters of Money? because becoming a Master requires education, discipline, conviction and time! As such, the majority of hard working citizens are scared, anxious, and perplexed by what is possible?.but it doesn?t have to stay this way! Becoming a master of money is first and foremost about foundational principles and truths you must have so solid in your mind and in your habits, when the storms of life hit, your house will not fall. While the best day to plant a tree may have been 20 years ago, the second best time is today! www.kasandravitacca.com

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