Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

A League of the American Business Women's Association
Dallas , TX

Outlook Positive Express Network OPEN

League News

July 27, 2018

Congratulations to ABWA OPEN for putting on a first-class fundraiser. Not only did they spread the message that Your Voice Matters, help to grow women Emergent Leaders, and bring every attendee to inspired action, they did it with some exceptional panelists.

The fundraiser consisted of speeches from Lorie Burch, candidate for US Congress and Faith Johnson, Dallas District Attorney. Lorie spoke to attendees about being authentic and vulnerable in leadership and Faith spoke about following the path that God puts you on and having faith that each step you take on your journey will be successful. The power and conviction in these women's speeches were awe-inspiring. In addition to their speeches, they added a personal touch by eating lunch, networking, and offering their expert advice to the attendees.

And, on top of the speeches, Pat Peterson, International Singing Sensation brought down the house by singing Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys and 2 other women empowerment songs. She brought her own keyboard and sung these songs in her style, meaning with flair, energy, and soul. She had everyone clapping and bouncing to the beat, bringing a palpable energy to the room.

By the end of the event, attendees could be heard saying, "This was a top-notch event." "The panelists were so amazing that every woman in Dallas should be here." "I can't wait to implement what I learned."

Congratulations again, ABWA OPEN on your successful event. We can't wait to see what the 2nd Annual Fundraiser will bring next year!