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Palms of Edisonia

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April 19, 2016

Amanda Devine is a Master of Advanced Life Concepts, who has a Master?s Degree in Psychology from the University of Wroclaw in Poland who teaches people how to access their minds 100%. Using that incredibly advanced and at the same time extremely simple unique way of thinking creates miracles in every area of our lives. Using the power of her mind, Amanda completely healed her own incurable disease of the nervous system, fibromyalgia, which she had for 6 years. She walked with a cane for 3 of those years. Amanda creates an incredible interest due to her unique approach and great success with clients. She has had numerous appearances on TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines. Amanda has international clients and she sends inspirational messages Thought Mail to 125 countries. She had 1.2 million views on her blogs for year 2014.

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