2016 ABWA Regional Conferences

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Conference Seminars


Tidbits and Tools

Executive Director René Street and the 2015-2016 National Board of Directors/SBMEF Trustees will present “ABWA Tidbits and Tools” to ensure that league leaders have the knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits they need to manage their group effectively. You will also receive your district’s snap shot as well as initiatives within the Association.


Giving and Receiving Feedback and Constructive Critism

Every time two or more people get together to discuss anything, an opportunity exists to either build relationships or damage them. So when it comes to discussions that require absolute clarity (feedback) and/or potentially sensitive subjects (criticism), it is important that you are skilled enough to handle whatever comes your way—regardless of which side of the table you happen to be sitting. (.4 CEUs)


Handling Conflict and Confrontation for Women

In just one day at this workshop, you will gain skills that will benefit you throughout your entire career—and throughout your life. Your ability to work through disagreements productively and handle confrontation professionally will put you head and shoulders above others and earn the respect of everyone around you. (.4 CEUs)



Eastern Regional Conference
Districts I and IV - Greensboro, N.C.
MArch 31- April 2, 2016

Central Regional Conference
Districts III and V - Indianapolis, IN
April 7-9, 2016

Western Regional Conference
Districts II and VI - Fort Worth, Texas
April 14-16, 2016