2017 ABWA Regional Conferences

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Conference Seminars


Building Team-Player Thinking
Long Beach, Calif.

This workshop delivers strategies and tactics that build team trust and fuse the talents of individuals, thus giving team members the real-world skills they need to achieve business and personal goals. The focus is on the importance of each team member and the impact she or he has on overall team performance. (.6 CEUs)


Effective Goal-Setting and Planning Skills
Kansas City, Mo.

When you succeed in completing your goals, you boost your self-confidence, your reputation and your career. If you are not making progress on them, they become a source of stress. They can become overwhelming, irrelevant or just plain frustrating. This seminar was designed to help you get on track with your goals! (.6 CEUs)


The Creative Team-Building Workshop
Naples, Fla.

When is the last time you thought about the critical role you play as a leader of people? What about the role you play in sparking excitement…inspiring others to go the extra mile? In this seminar you get a chance to look at your role as a team leader through fresh eyes…and gain tons of creative new ways to shake things up a little (in a good way!). (.6 CEUs)