2018 ABWA Regional Conferences

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Conference Seminars


Mastering the Art of Negotiations
Sugar Land, Texas

LaVeer Jovel

Mastering the Art of Negotiations delivers the essence of negotiating in one power-packed day. From what is really happening when two parties come together to how to look out for your interests – from what to say and how to say it to what is better left unspoken – this seminar delivers. (.6 CEUs)


Social Intelligence of Leaders
Alexandria, Va.

Kelli Vria

Social Intelligence opens your eyes to how you come across to others and how your team’s behaviors can clue you in to what they want and need from you. Most importantly, Social Intelligence helps you bridge the two for a successful, collaborative team that gets phenomenal results. (.6 CEUs)


Effectively Engaging & Empowering Volunteers
Ann Arbor, Mi.

Lorinda Lewis

You want your team fully involved in and enthusiastic about the task they are undertaking. When they are excited about the project, they are more efficient, which means better productivity and better results. This seminar will help you find the right mixture of freedom and guidance that will let your team shine! (.6 CEUs)