Laura Morlando, District II Vice President/Trustee

Member since -2002
ABWA Affiliation:  
Outlook Positive Express Network – Dallas, Texas
Employer: Laura Morlando – The Stress Commando
Position:  Speaker, Mobile Spa Consultant, Mentor and Coach

Laura Morlando, The Stress CommandoSM relieves the stress in your day. As an accomplished corporate professional turned entrepreneur, she knows personally just how hard transition and creating balance can be.  Born in Montana living on the Indian Reservation where her parents were teachers, Laura moved with her family to Oklahoma, California, Arizona and Texas. Laura’s foundation of embracing change, diversity and adapting to one’s environment has led to her success in highly competitive male dominated industries dealing with clients in Canada, Latin America, Japan, Germany, Asia and the United States.

With her infectious enthusiasm and contagious smile, Laura’s high energy workshops provide proven best practices and simple action plans for anyone needing to quickly reduce stress in their day, improve networking effectiveness, develop a professional brand, increase productivity and lead stress free. Laura’s personal mission statement is to help others with what she knows, who she knows and what she can provide.  Her greatest joy is to empower everyone she meets to erase stress from their face, body and mind. As an Independent BeautiControl Spa and Image Consultant, Laura takes great pride educating and helping her clients feel, look and be their best with ease! As a leader, Laura loves to grow, mentor and empower Team Stress Commando SM to duplicate her success building a profitable mobile spa business.

Laura is featured on the cover of New York Times best Selling Author John Maxwell, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publisher, 2010. In 2002, Laura joined the Silicon Valley Formation of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA). Laura moved from Silicon Valley to Dallas in 2004 and helped form the Outlook Positive Express Network (O.P.E.N). Since then Laura has been an active ABWA member, officer of OPEN, officer for the Dallas Area Council of ABWA and recognized by O.P.E.N.  as their 2007 Woman of The Year and their 2011 Top Ten Candidate. Laura is also a member of Speaker Co-op, Speaker Site, Netweavers and Las Comadres.  In 2013 Laura was recognized as being a Heart of Gold Supporter for the 3rd straight year of the Women Helping Others, (W.H.O.) Foundation serving the needs of women and children. Laura is a volunteer and speaker for the American Heart Association.