ABWA District V Vice President

Lisa Montross, District V Vice President/Trustee

Member Since: 12004
ABWA Affiliation: ViVon Chapter - Port Huron, Mich.
Employer: Ross Medical Education Center
Position: Career Development Representative

In 2009, I decided to pursue my dream of obtaining my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration. In addition to receiving educational support through scholarships and grants offered by ABWA I also received moral support. I was able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience from an amazing group of women. When I became discouraged they were there to cheer me on, when I needed help they were always there. My proudest moment is when I finally graduated in 2012 and my ABWA sisters were there to help me celebrate this achievement.

I want all women to feel empowered to achieve their goals. This organization meets women where they are in life and helps them develop their leadership skills in a positive, supportive environment so they can reach their goals. Support is offered to all members through local meetings, national and regional conferences and through the Women’s Instructional Network.

The advice I would give to other women comes from Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, “It’s time to cheer on girls and women who want to sit at the table.” That’s what ABWA is all about and why I’m “leaning” into my ABWA membership.