ABWA District VI Vice President

Barbara Jenkins, District VI Vice President/Trustee

Member since 2001
Chapter Affiliation: 
Pathfinder Chapter - Fremont, CA
Employer: Self Employed: JOCKEY Person to Person
Position: Senior Comfort Stylist


I found the courage to ‘retire’ from the corporate world after 20+ years and begin my own successful business as an independent fashion consultant/comfort stylist fourteen years ago.  Because of my previous management experience and community involvement, I also moved passed the fear in a different arena accepting the invitation to become Chair of the Board of the fourth largest Chamber of Commerce in the Bay Area for one year.  I continue to be actively involved in other community and non-profit organizations.

Shared Lesson and Challenge:

Asking for help and assistance when you are given an assignment or project outside our own comfort zone can be difficult.  Seek guidance from those who have the expertise.  Joining ABWA twelve years ago has given me more strength and courage to consider other endeavors I would not have previously contemplated.  We provide a safe learning platform and many mentors to help us along the way. I believe in taking time for ourselves and not trying to do it all.  Saying ‘yes’ if often easy and more comfortable. However, saying ‘no’ is more challenging if we cannot balance our time and lives to produce our best in everything to which we say ‘yes’.  We must be honest with ourselves first.

The continual education and seminars provided to our members easily translates between our business and personal lives, offering on-going growth and opportunities.

I am honored to be the District VI Vice President.