Gaylyn Devine, National Secretary-Treasurer/Trustee 

Member since -2004
ABWA Affiliation:  Southeast Express Network - Pearland, Texas
Employer: TLS Graphics Inc.
Position:  President/Owner 


Joining ABWA in 2004 gave me the courage to transform our family printing business from outdated to new printing technology which gave us the edge over our local competition and helped to grow our business.  Most importantly, ABWA gave me the opportunity to learn and practice leader skills so that I could be an effective leadership in a male dominated industry.  Our business’ success is in part attributed to my membership in ABWA.  

Biggest Challenge

Like many working women, my biggest challenge is to find the balance between my work and family life.  I believe organization is the key to happiness (and fewer headaches). One invaluable tip that I learned at an ABWA conference is to create a “prioritized to-do list” along with a “to-don’t list” at the beginning of each week.  I know first-hand it is the distractions that will derail you every time and cause you the biggest angst.   

Shared Lesson

In our challenging world, it is easy to forget who you are.  So every week when you are checking off the items on your to-do and to-don’t lists remember to check in with you!  Make sure you are not getting lost in the muck and mire of life and taking life too seriously. Remain authentic and stay true to yourself.  Ask for help when needed AND always be willing to share your knowledge and experiences with others.