American Business Woman of ABWA


Name: Wendy Wilker

Chapter: River Region Chapter
Occupation: Site Plant Manager, Honeywell, UOP LLC. 

Wendy Wilker is the Site Manager for UOP Division of Honeywell in Shreveport, La. She is responsible for leading and directing the 200-employee team to manufacture a variety of Catalyst Products which support the refining and petrochemical industries. She leads operations to consistently meet or exceed health, safety and environmental compliance, develops strategies to meet increased sales, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and introduces new products for growth.

ABWA has played a large role in Wendy’s professional success, “After I moved to Montgomery, Ala., my Longaberger Consultant introduced me to ABWA and invited me to a chapter meeting in 2006. I immediately saw a group of professional, positive thinking energetic and passionate business women focused on developing themselves and others. These women inspired me to join, grow my professional network and payback to the local community.”

Wendy Wilker's Profile


Name: Sue Buckley

Chapter: Kansas Executive Express Network
Occupation: Vice President, Dynamic Computer Solutions 

Recently promoted to Vice President of Sales, Sue Buckley has been given additional responsibility to manage the team and enhance the voice/data communications side of the business.  Her current employment goal is to grow the carrier and communications side of the business, increase customer sales, marketing and support agreement. As technology moves to managed arenas and the cloud, the company’s expertise will be key in advising and supporting small business with their technology solutions.

After leaving the world of higher education and starting a new career, Sue was introduced to ABWA and the Kansas Executive Express Network. “Since I was starting a new career in a field I knew nothing about, KEEN offered me the chance to meet a support group of women who could share what the ‘real world’ was all about.”


Name: Anita Carbone

Chapter: Oceanside Charter Chapter
Occupation: Financial Consultant, Carbone Financial Services  

As an accomplished business executive and college educator, Anita Carbone is driven by her core values: achievement, service, integrity, ownership and hard work. She is highly motivated to impact and enable others to reach their personal and professional potential. As a small business owner, her goal is to provide excellence in financial and technical support services focused on meeting the needs of, and providing, high value to her consulting customers while acting at the highest level of her core values.

Twenty years is a significant amount of time to be actively associated with an organization, but Anita’s journey has been dynamic and rewarding. “I applaud the ABWA organization in its endeavor to maintain relevance as it continues to bring value to its membership via interactive courses and virtual seminars.” 


Name: Casey Coven

Chapter: Maryland Capital Chapter
Occupation: Liquidation Consultant, KC Consulting 

In the field of Retail Liquidation, which is a male dominated field, Casey Coven works as both a Financial Analyst and a Store Supervisor. Typically, a Financial Analyst would not know the operational side of the business and a Store Supervisor understands the operational side better than the financial side. So with experience in both, Casey’s professional goal is to become a Regional Supervisor, and then an Operation Lead. It would allow her the opportunity to work in all aspects of the Retail Liquidation process.

As a past National President, it is no surprise that one of Casey’s personal goals is to help develop and mentor leaders both on the local and National level of ABWA. “ABWA has helped me to accomplish many things and to develop and enhance my skill set. Attending meetings and events in various cities around the country, as I travel for my job, has given me a sense of home and belonging.”


Name: Denise DeBurst Gines

Chapter: Hidden Hills Chapter
Occupation: Personal Historian, Lasting Legacies  

What started out as Denise DeBurst Gines’ hobby, creating genealogies for neighbors and friends, turned into a business and Lasting Legacies, LLC was incorporated in 2010. Lasting Legacies LLC has designed and published unique family weddings, births, monumental birthdays, vacations, military tour of duty, organizational association, and of course, family genealogy story photo books. Each is one of a kind with the direction from the family.

Professional and personal development was heightened for Denise by the amount of knowledge that has been given to her from women who are experts in their fields. “Relationships formed with ABWA sisters are priceless. These relationships have helped me become established in different arenas and will continue to help me reach my goals.”


Name: Tamiko Leverette

Chapter: Solidarity Chapter
Occupation: President, Nonprofit Dreams 

Frustrated at work and dreaming of one day owning her own business, Tamiko Leverette was invited by her neighbor to come to a meeting with her. It turned out to be the American Business Women’s Association.  There a whole new world was opened and Nonprofit Dreams, LLC was created in 2009. The company’s mission is to assist nonprofit organizations to be successful and sustainable. Over the next two years, her goal is to publish two nonprofit books, develop webinars and downloadable video content to non-profit organizations across the United States.

After a cautious start to get actively involved in ABWA, Tamiko jumped into pursuing and promoting the benefits of ABWA by being an example. “I look forward to continuing to commit to the mission of ABWA by helping other women realize their dreams in their career or business by providing guidance as others have done for me.”


Name: Lois Margolin

Chapter: Coral Springs Charter Chapter
Occupation: Owner, Chelsea Information Systems, Inc.  

With over twenty years of technical and management experience in Information Services, Lois Margolin is owner of Chelsea Information Systems, Inc., one of the largest software companies specializing in reservations for golf and tennis courts. As a small business owner, Lois has learned that versatility is a key component of success. Along the way, she has developed and strengthened her management skills to help productively fulfill a variety of professional roles.

An active member for over nine years, Lois believes, “It is my time to pay it forward. How do you thank an organization that has opened your eyes and allowed you to live at a different level? By giving back to this organization, by analyzing why I feel so passionate about ABWA, and then helping others see that by acceptance and friendship, ABWA will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.”


Name: Diane Nixon

Chapter: Maia Chapter
Occupation: Manager of Billing, Univ. of Michigan, School of Dentistry 

In 1998 after 8 years as a business owner, Diane Nixon decided it was finally time to seek another opportunity. This search led her to the rewarding position she has today at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry as Manager of Billing and Collections. This position allows Diane to capitalize on her teaching, mentoring and coaching experience from all her prior positions. Her team has received recognition for developing one of the first self-directed work teams within the School and continues to make positive improvements to the processes yearly.

As past National Secretary-Treasurer, Diane understands the value of ABWA. “I believe leadership is about providing opportunities not only for yourself but especially for others – opportunities to hone skills in a safe environment and then to be able to transfer those skills directly to the workplace. The networking skills I gained from interacting with ABWA members in my region, as well nationally sponsored ABWA conferences, helped me apply those skills directly to my workplace.”


Name: Martha Preciado, M.D.

Chapter: Verdugo Glen Chapter
Occupation: President & CEO, Preciado Cardiology  

Martha Preciado has been President and CEO of Preciado Cardiology for the last ten years. As the only solo Hispanic cardiology group in Southern California, they have grown to be a respected group in  East Los Angeles. As a solo practitioner, Martha provides services to over five hundred patients and has been in practice for the past eleven years. Under her care, she and her staff provide non-invasive cardiac workup, therapy and invasive procedures. This treatment helps bridge patients to cardiac transplantation.

How has ABWA played a role in Martha’s life? “Over the last five years ABWA has definitely helped me outreach to the community and continue my role as a role model to young women and those in the medical field. Giving back to the community and assisting the different events has given me a larger purpose in life. Because of my ABWA membership and their nominations, I was selected California State Legislature, District 13 Women in Business in the field of Medicine in 2007, and a Business Live magazine Women Achiever in 2011.”


Name: Brenda Smith-Keene

Chapter: Shining Star Chapter
Occupation: Systems Support Center Coordinator, FAA  

Having worked for twenty-six years in the world of aviation for the Federal Aviation Administration Brenda Smith Keene has focused on maintaining, repairing and providing training to new electronics technicians on navigational/landing systems, communication systems and automation systems. These are multi-million dollar systems and the position is still considered a non-traditional position for women. One of Brenda’s major goals was to be an instructor at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Academy in Oklahoma City, which she achieved and did for seven and a half years.

When asked how ABWA helped her achieve her goals, Brenda’s response was. “I was introduced to ABWA in October of 1996 when I attended a Shining Star Chapter meeting. They were having a computer workshop that night and the professionalism of the presenter was great! It was that presentation with the knowledge that more were to come that caused me to want to join right away. I jumped in with both feet and embraced all that ABWA had to offer.”