2014 Top Ten Bios


Name: Kimberly Andreadis

Chapter: Lakeland Downtown Chapter
Occupation: Financial Advisor, Principal Financial Group

After 19 years in her hometown community in Ohio, Kimberly Andreadis relocated her practice to Florida in 2004. It has been her major accomplishment to start a new practice 900 miles away from her client base and to become a top agent with a new company and a major competitor in the business and personal planning market in her new community. Andreadis has built her agency sales and support team with the support of ABWA through networking and by hiring ABWA sisters.

“With the leadership role as President this year, it has helped me improve my communication abilities and taught me diplomatic leadership and decision making skills,” said Kimberly. “Using these skills in my sales presentations, workshops and client reviews has given me the confidence to help my clients make decisions to navigate through the difficult decisions necessary to combat rising tax burdens, a decade of low interest rates and volatile market swings.”



Name: Dr. Melanie Brown

Chapter: Houston Area Professional Express Network
Occupation: IT Strategic & Analytics Manager, CenterPoint Energy

Though a short duration of time, working for a large organization has provided Dr. Melanie Brown the opportunity to head up a new entity, the Strategic Execution Office, for CenterPoint Energy, a Fortune 500 company.  Challenged with nearly 30 percent of the workforce ready to retire in the next 5 years and doing business as usual, creating a new office within a matured organization was an innovative approach to moving the strategy from idea, to plan and on to execution.

“The greatest gift from ABWA is about building relationships that you learn from through diversity of thought and experience, which is the most coveted skill sought by organizations,” said Melanie.  “As a team-centric, lifelong learner and education advocate, I whole-heartedly live the ABWA mission.”


Name: Eileen Caspers

Chapter: Career Chapter
Occupation: General Director of School and Career Programs, Topeka Public Schools, USD 501

A significant culture change was required among administration and teachers in Topeka, Kansas to affect the career-readiness initiative for students. Eileen Caspers introduced the implementation of a district-wide Postsecondary and Career Vision for students in 17 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 5 high schools, servicing 14,000 students. Her presentation created an energizing movement across the district and a majority of teachers and administration continue to work to implement the vision.

“ABWA has been instrumental in my career and personal growth as demonstrated by my accomplishments,” said Caspers. “I have gained strength in networking and communication skills, leadership capacity and the ability to work with individuals of diverse careers and personalities.”



Name: Sue McGee-Chiodini

Chapter: Quincy Charter Chapter
Occupation: Trust Officer, Mercantile Bank 

Sue McGee-Chiodini ‘s ability to “think outside the box” has been beneficial to the bank and the customers the bank services. When a non-profit account which had an endowment with the bank was in jeopardy, Sue presented to management that employees would volunteer their time after hours to this customer. The non-profit was thrilled to have so many new volunteers and the bank kept their business.  This idea told the customer that the bank was interested in more than just having an account, and that they wanted to establish on ongoing relationship with them.

“In 2012 I was told that I would be losing my job at the end of July,” remembers Sue, “I turned to the business women in the Quincy Charter Chapter and asked them to keep their eyes and ears open. Within a few weeks I found the perfect position for me at Mercantile Bank.”



Name: Diane Stewart D.C.

Chapter: Sunrise Chapter
Occupation: Owner, Lyte 2 Touch Chiropractic at The Rose Center

Diane Stewart D.C. established The Rose Center for Healing and Wellness to include alternative health services and protocols to increase treatment options available to patients under one roof. The office won an award for Best Natural Healing Center. Diane also instituted an Electronic Health Record database to automate and streamline office work flow and improve the organization and accuracy of patient information in anticipation of the upcoming government requirements under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“After relocating to Florida, life had tossed in a few curveballs,” said Diane. “I searched for an ABWA group and found Sunrise Chapter. I attended my first meeting and met dozens of women, but connected with one in particular, who not only became my dear friend but also my business partner.”



Name: Christina Struwe

Chapter: Novi Oaks Charter Chapter
Occupation: Assistant Vice President, Government Banking Relationship Manager, Huntington Bank

Christina Struwe understands the importance of getting involved with Associations for both business and personal benefits. By serving on boards and sub-committees she was able to net a 50% growth in Request for Proposals from municipalities and school districts for her employer. Her involvement in three county Treasurers Associations resulted in securing six new clients for the bank.

“The confidence gained in meeting new people and building relationships through my membership in ABWA has positively impacted my career in banking,” said Christina. “I have gained many networking skills which I find are indispensable on a daily basis at work.”



Name: Julie Sullivan

Chapter: Suburban Connection Charter Chapter
Occupation: SharePoint Administrator – Technology Consultant II, Hewlett-Packard

Julie Sullivan has been the go-to leader on numerous IT issues for Hewlett-Packard over her 18 years with the company. Stepping up to learn new systems, working on global projects that required working at all hours of the day or night, taking the lead when analysis and recommendations were required, developing new tools and successfully implementing the project, are just a few of the accomplishments Julie has undertaken. For her leadership and dedication, Julie has regularly being recognized for her contributions and achievements at Hewlett-Packard.

“ABWA helps me achieve my goals through professional development either by coursework available on WIN or at Regional or National Conferences,” said Julie. “My chapter sponsors several registrations for conferences which allows me to attend and take part in professional growth training, such as the ABWA-KU MBA coursework.”



Name: Tracy Sweet

Chapter: Indianapolis Charter Chapter
Occupation: Director, Business Operations Cardiovascular Service, Indiana University Health


As the Business Operations Director for the Cardiovascular Service Line, Tracy Sweet’s role has included working with physician leadership as well as hospital administration in the development of objectives and quality improvement metrics. The implementation of this project will impact the daily provision of services, as well as strengthen the provision of evidence based medicine.  This project is among the largest of its kind in the country impacting over 50 cardiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiovascular and vascular surgeons.

"My ABWA experiences have provided me with professional growth opportunities that I never realized were possible,” said Tracy. “My career has taken a direction that includes a role as a recognized leader in the largest healthcare system in the state of Indiana.”


Name: Karen Williams

Chapter: D. C. Charter Chapter
Occupation: Information Technology Specialist, General Service Administration 

Karen Williams currently serves as a highly skilled Information Technology Specialist with the Financial Management Systems Operations & Maintenance, Office of the Chief Information Officer of the General Services Administration, Washington, DC federal government. Her professional responsibilities are to ensure the accuracy and timely execution of multiple financial IT systems processes which make sure GSA policies promote management best practices and efficiency in government operations.

“ABWA has helped me achieve my goals from the caring (and love!), examples, mentoring, motivation and strong leadership tips that I have received throughout the entire organization,” said Karen. “I have met a plethora of wonderful women that have helped guide me to success.”



Name: Jane Winkler

Chapter: Al-Lu-We Chapter
Occupation: Business Billing Process Engineer , Consultant Group International

Jane Winkler, first worked for AT&T for 26 years, and now works for a consulting group, CGI, and her primary client is her former employer, AT&T. She manages processes for Fortune 500 clients like Shell and IBM, saving them millions of dollars through more efficient billing practices. Jane was exclusively requested to work on a Ford Motor contract and she specially enjoys working with international clients. One of her most satisfying accomplishments was her rapid ascent in AT&T management, reaching the District Manager level in five years, a process that would normally be ten years.

“Meeting women with varied business backgrounds allowed me to utilize their experience,” said Jane. “Through ABWA I focused on team and leadership skills by chairing committees and then as Secretary and Chapter President.”