Nancy Griffin, National Vice President/Trustee

Member Since 1981
Affiliation:  Ad Astra Chapter -Topeka, Kansas
Employer:  TARC, Inc
Position:  Self-Determination Payroll/Billing Coordinator 


I joined ABWA in 1981 and discovered that it was a safe and supportive environment for me to learn and practice countless business and leadership skills including delegating, coaching, collaborating, team-building and business networking.

I know that all of my ABWA experiences were integral to my career advancement from a front-line professional to a management position.  And because of my membership in ABWA, I gained the experience and confidence to develop my own leadership style which has made me an effective manager.  

Shared Lesson

My advice to working women isn’t necessarily prophetic but certainly essential in today’s competitive work environment; “Be willing to learn and tackle new things and evolve, adapt and change to meet the needs of your employer.”  New and different should not be interpreted as either good or bad - just variations of the original.  The next time someone asks you to try something new, make yourself say “Yes!” You might be even surprised that the experience is quite pleasant!

P.S. Whatever you do, don’t forget to laugh and have fun!