2014-2015 National Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors governs the national bylaws of ABWA on behalf of its members.  Board members also serve as trustees of the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund (SBMEF). The officers are elected by the Association’s membership for a one-year term at the ABWA’s National Women’s Leadership Conference and meet three times annually. 


Nancy Griffin

National President
Topeka, KS

Meg Bell

National Vice President
Lenexa, KS

Lisa Montross

National Secretary - Treasurer
Port Huron, MI


Gina Berry

Vice President
District I
Lakeland, FL

Frances Nicholson

Vice President
District II
Oklahoma City, OK

Loretta Wilkes II

Vice President
District III
Kansas City, MO

Sharon Godbee

Vice President
District IV
Greensboro, NC

Sandy Schrah

Vice President
District V
Novi, MI

Vanessa Willis

Vice President
District VI
Oakland, CA