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Event Dates:  September 8-10, 2022 live! 

Location: The Denver Marriott Westminster

City/State:  Westminster, Colorado

ABWA’s core values are emblematic of the Association’s commitment to ensuring women continue to know and grow their value in the workplace.   They are:

  • Lifelong Learning (being committed to enhancing your own business knowledge skills and acumen).
  • Manage for Innovation and Excellence (being committed to original thinking and delivering excellence in everything you do) and,
  • Celebrate (be committed to celebrating members’ achievements).

These core values are reflective in every conference event whereby conference attendees are afforded multiple opportunities to enhance their business acumen and leader effectiveness by fostering new thinking, idea generation, and expansion of perspectives.    

Featured in this year’s line-up are four impactful keynotes and three intensive Breakout Sessions presented by dynamic speakers and subject matter experts.  These sessions will inspire attendees to go the extra distance in their business, their workplace and in their lives, becoming the best version of themselves.  

All breakout sessions will be facilitated by reputable learning institutions including; the KU School of Business, Franklin Covey, and The Grove Consultants International.  Continuing Education Units (required by many professions) are also available in two of the three Breakout sessions.

And throughout the conference, we will recognize and celebrate members whose commitment to these values are immeasurable.  Come home to ABWA at the National Women’s Leadership Conference where we will connect, learn and grow TOGETHER TOWARDS TOMORROW!  

Register Online or Call ABWA at 1-800-228-0007

keynote speakerS 


Moving at the Speed of Innovation:  How to Navigate Change and Drive Innovation in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World 

In this high-energy, high value session, Tamara will show you how to be the confident innovator that navigates forward, finding break-through opportunities and solutions in order to meet the demands of today’s “next normal.”  In her keynote address, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage your unique style of innovation to be the strong leader your team, clients, and marketplace needs to navigate uncertainty with vision and clarity. 
  • Overcome your three major internal resistors to change, minimizing the resistance, stress and push-back that prevent teams from moving forward.   
  • Build and lead a high-performing team of innovators that solve challenges and unearths new opportunities at the speed the marketplace requires. 
  • Utilize three innovation tools to help you ignite innovation, think strategically and pivot quickly. 

About Tamara

The impact of Tamara’s break-through work on human-centric innovation can be seen in individuals, teams, and organizations across the globe. As the creator of the proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment, host of the popular business podcast – Inside LaunchStreet, and the president of LaunchStreet Consultancy, Tamara has helped thousands gain the competitive edge by unlocking the power of innovation.  Her latest book is titled, Innovation is Everybody’s Business:  How to Ignite, Scale, and Sustain Innovation for Competitive Edge.


Top Gun Leaders – Top Gun Life

What does it take to fly supersonic in a single seat fighter jet- to fly high speed, low altitude, down in the canyons, to hit the target and WIN like a Top Gun?  High Performing Habits and Fight’sON!™ Focus is key to winning in business and in life.

Motivational speaker and Colorado’s First Lady Fighter Pilot, Tracy LaTourrette, returns in person to arm you with tools to establish your own personal VECTOR™ to Success and hit your targets at work and at home. Learn how to intentionally & habitually change your mental state for the win-from fear to focus, from chaos to confidence. Overcome doubts, excuses & adversity and lead like a fighter pilot. Believe in yourself – others will follow.

Fly alongside Tracy LaTourrette in this uniquely enhanced session and get your questions answered real-time.  Find your inner fighter pilot and become the Top Gun of your own life.  Take a deep breathe, fire up, and call Fight’sON!™ You’ve Got This!  

About Tracy

Lieutenant Colonel Tracy LaTourrette is an Air Force Academy grad with a coveted appointment from President Bush. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Factors Engineering, and over 3,300 combined flying hours as a pilot and AWACS Air Weapons Director. She earned countless medals and ribbons to include multiple Aerial Achievement Medals, Expert Marksman, Combat Readiness, and Top Gun/Turkey Shoot Champion.  Tracy is an international speaker, consultant and coach with 20 plus years in the industry and 10+yrs as founder of LaTourrette Group, teaching fighter pilot principals to high performing teams around the globe. Tracy’s Certified High Performance Coaching program for individuals and small groups is highly sought after and second to none.


Being Bold and Naïve

Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois – Sarah takes us through how her love of filmmaking began and how the camera gave her a voice and a courage she hadn’t discovered yet. Sarah took her passions to film school, moved out to Los Angeles and landed her very first job on the hit ABC show Dancing with the Stars. She set out to pursue her dream of making documentary films that can uplift, inform and inspire.

Sarah recounts her experience of making her first film – The Empowerment Project – which shines a light on extraordinary women across the US, from a pilot, to a mathematician, athlete, astronaut, four-star admiral, and many more. With humor and authenticity, Sarah shares the stories of these incredible women as well as shares clips from her films to truly immerse the audience in these stories.

Sarah then takes us through the once in-a lifetime journey of her second film Losing Sight of Shore which follows the unbelievable true story of four brave women who set out to row across the Pacific Ocean. She explains how much of a risk she took in the making of the film as well as the extreme dangers the crew faced on the voyage across the sea. Ultimately Sarah’s wildest dream came true – she sold the film to Netflix worldwide and today the film can be seen in over 190 countries. 

With a unique mix of an entrepreneurial spirit, a drive to change the way the world perceives women – Sarah entertains, enlightens, and encourages conference attendees to live their best lives.  

About Sarah

Sarah Moshman is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, TV Producer and TEDx speaker whose work has been featured on Netflix, Marie Claire, CNN, and Good Morning America.  Sarah is an inspiration because of her tireless hard work to empower others through her incredible films and her unique perspective on why storytelling is so important makes her a powerhouse entrepreneur as well.  And on Thursday night, conference attendees can special screening of Sarah’s movie titled, the Empowerment Project.    


Becoming the “Better” Version of You

In this highly sought after Closing Keynote, Eddie takes things up a notch with high-energy audience interaction. Through hilarious and poignant storytelling, Eddie gets to the core of what it really means to dig deep and find “the real you.”  What makes you tick? Why do you act and react the way you do? How can you be more comfortable in your own skin?  Key takeaways from Eddie’s keynote presentation:

  • Discover how to move your life toward where you want to be.
  • Helping others SEE what they can’t SEE yet.
  • The power of a SHARED VISION.
  • Learning how to transcend pain & suffering into growth & understanding.
  • Discover how to become more “Self Aware”. 
  • The true power of being a Servant Leader.

About Eddie

Eddie is a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and author – known throughout the industry as an expert in Inspired Performance. His widely acclaimed “Four Minute Formula” has been utilized by people from all walks of life. Eddie has always had the can-do spirit of an entrepreneur. Best of all, he channels that sense of accomplishment through interactive storytelling and raw emotion to audiences everywhere.  He can make you laugh, cry, dance and learn…Most of all, his energetic presentation will be a great closing keynote for this year’s 2022 National Women’s Leadership Conference.  

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Professional development breakout sessions

Enhance Your Professional Persona

In this two-day course, participants will develop their public speaking, written communication, and organizational advocacy skills. Through a combination of interactive group work, group skill-building exercises, and individual reflection, you will identify barriers to effective professional communication and, in turn, develop strategies to strengthen their effectiveness. This two day course will explore themes that include storytelling, bias reduction strategies, and visual communication methods. And at the end of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of how to effectively present yourself or your organization authentically and ethically through every method at your disposal including; face-to-face meetings, public presentations, and written materials. 

This session is presented by the KU School of Business and is valued at 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Pre-work will be required for conference attendees who want to earn CEUs.    

Session Facilitator:  MEGGIE MAPES, Ph.D.    

Developing Your Visual IQ – How Visualizing Makes You Smarter

Visualization is a critical part of leadership excellence in our times. How leaders can use guiding metaphors and stories to provide direction & inspiration when the path forward is unclear. In this session, you will upgrade your thinking about how imagery, and metaphors work to enhance & focus communications. Break out the paper and pens to experience a series of guided activities to build your visual IQ!

This session is presented by the Grove Consultants International.

Session Facilitator: LAURIE DURNELL, Director of Consulting Services

Fundamental Beliefs of Trust & Inspire Leaders 

Sweeping changes in the world are forcing us to confront the urgent need for a new way to lead. The traditional “Command & Control” leadership style that prevails in 92% of organizations doesn’t inspire the level of commitment, motivation, collaboration, and performance needed today.  Trust & Inspire is the leadership solution for the future of work. Trust & Inspire leaders get phenomenal results in ways that grow people. They focus on releasing—rather than containing—the potential in each of us. Trust & Inspire leaders help their organizations win in the workplace and win in the marketplace. 

Fundamental Beliefs of Trust & Inspire Leaders explores five beliefs that transform how leaders think and behave. Trust & Inspire leaders have an expansive view of people and leadership. They deeply understand and are guided by fundamental beliefs about human effectiveness. The cumulative effect of these beliefs creates a Trust & Inspire leadership mindset.

In this course, you will learn to become:

  • A Leader with increased confidence about the new way to lead: Trust & Inspire.
  • To choose to extend trust and inspire people to deliver their best results.
  • A Leader who breaks with self-limiting beliefs. To prioritize creating conditions where people collaborate and innovate successfully.
  • A Leader who adopts expansive beliefs about people and leadership. These beliefs guide leaders to think and act in ways that elevate others’ growth to the level of delivering results.

This session is presented by Franklin Covey.  Session is valued at .3 CEUs.

Session Facilitator:  ANDREA CALDWELL

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member Recognition and celebration of league excellence


L:  Vanessa Willis, 2016-2017 National Preisdent    R:  Rene’ Street, Executive Director

Top Ten Business Women of ABWA, Class of 2023

The Top Ten Business Woman Award is the most prestigious honor bestowed on an individual member in the American Business Women’s Association.  

Since 1953, ABWA has celebrated women for their career and academic achievements, and contributions to their community and to the American Business Women’s Association.  Eligible members (nominees) for this award are nominated by their member peers.  The nominees represent a wide range of business professions from academia, sales and medicine to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The nominees are then ranked by non-ABWA members, professional women from the Kansas City area.  The nominees with the highest ranking are named the Top Ten Business Women for the following year.  

The Top Ten Business Women, Class of 2023 are announced in late summer and a special luncheon is hosted in their honor.  This year’s luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, September 9 at which time, the American Business Woman will also be named. This is one of conference attendees’ favorite events and the ticket to this year’s event is inclusive with your conference registration.  

The Top Ten Business Women’s Luncheon is sponsored by          2016-2017 National President, Vanessa Willis.

Best Practices in League Management Awards 

The Best Practices model is built upon a set of core values respected and expected in business today. The model offers league leaders a structured approach that ensures each league delivers an experience that is reflective of ABWA’s brand promise and in compliance with the  Association’s Bylaws, Policies, Processes and Procedures.  Leagues participating in this award must meet the rigorous criteria in five different areas including:  Strategy, Operations Management, Annual Curriculum, Brand Compliance, and Strength and Vitality all while, learning new skills or enhancing existing knowledge. 

The Radio Band will provide accompaniment during the Awards session after which, the members will be invited to dance and sing along.  The Radio Band is noted for delivering a concert style performance that will keep you on the dance floor all night! 

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