2021 National Women’s Leadership Conference


November 4-6, 2021


Each year, the ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference brings together acclaimed authors, inspiring keynote speakers, business experts and certified trainers to support you in Reimagining Your Future, the future you deserve!  

 Join us for this year’s National Women’s Leadership Conference where you will have opportunities to connect, learn and grow virtually! 

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keynote speakers 

Sima Dahl

Raise Your Sway Factor 

Personal Branding Strategies to Catapult Your Career

In this no-holds-barred program, international keynoter, Sima Dahl, CSP, AS, and MBA, will emphasize the importance and power of personal branding at work.  Sima has shown potential leaders in some of the world’s largest organizations including CDW, Pfizer, and United Airlines how to practice thoughtful self-promotion.  You’ll leave her session armed with the information you need to help you stand-out, stay relevant, and create more demand for you and what you do!  

Katie Linendoll 

Innovations in Technology

In this keynote, Emmy Award Winning consumer technology expert, Katie Linendoll, pulls back the curtain on her media career as one of the most in-demand technology experts on top TV and media outlets (spanning Rachel Ray to the Weather Channel, to CBS Sports Radio).  She shares some of her favorite stories on breaking into business, and how she continues to build her brand through technology. 
In her keynote, she will share some of the newest technologies, apps, and sites that she uses to build her brand.  

Amelia Rose Earhart  


Around the world pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart invites you into the cockpit for a raw and invigorating discussion about the importance of learning to love the turbulence. Take flight with Amelia as she shares her real time response to navigating and course correcting a flight plan, but more importantly, navigating a life. 
“The only plane that never experiences turbulence is the one that stays locked up in a hangar.  That’s not what planes were built for, and that’s not what you and I were built for either.  We were built to take flight.”   AMELIA ROSE EARHART


track a:  PRofessional development sessions 

Leadership, the Professional Life            and Leisure

Session Speaker- Professor Mark Haug, PhD, JD School of Business Teaching Fellow, University of Kansas

In this year’s ABWA-KU MBA session, you will develop larger possibilities and purpose for your professional life through a common of thought that transcends the circumstances of time and place.  To promote leadership abound by time, not by place, you will:

  • Turn to the masters who adhered to the precepts of timeliness and discover the common threads of authentic leadership.
  • Discover the lost value of authentic “Leisure”:  what it is and how it cures the problems beleaguering professional life today, and
  • Discover how the “Multiplier Effect” naturally derives form authentic leadership and leisure. 
This course is valued at 1.2 Continuing Education Credits

Multipliers:  How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone’s Intelligence 

Session Speaker- Jean White

FranklinCovey has partnered with Liz Wiseman to develop a new solution that enables leaders to become Multipliers by igniting the untapped intelligence of their teams to produce better results.  In this six-hour session, you will learn:

  • How to access and utilize the untapped capabilities of their teams.
  • How to rekindle energy and enthusiasm as teams achieve stronger results.
  • How to breakthrough to new and higher levels of performance by amplifying people’s intelligence.  Multipliers deliver stronger results as people grow and teams excel!  

This learning event is sponsored by Fisher Investments.

This course is valued at .6 Continuing Education Credits

track B:  PRofessional development sessions

Go for the “No’s”              

Lisa Lieberman-Wang  is a business and Life Strategist helping entrepreneurs to create successful businesses.  In this session Lisa will introduce proven, step by step approach to  grow yourself and your business by getting even more YESes.  In this session you will:
  • Understand what NO means to the customer, and how to turn it into a YES.
  • How to overcome the feeling of being rejected when you get a NO.
  • Grasp what mental decisions you are making when you don’t get a YES.
  • Learn to love getting Nos and how it will lead to more Yeses.

Reimagine Your Future, and Create the Life You Want

Dr. Kym Harris-Lee helps leaders take bold action to authentically achieve more visibilty, connectivity, influence and success without compromise. She is an expert at helping leaders deepen their understanding of themselves and others, and she awakens the courage of her clients to explore uncharted possibilties. Dr. Kym is board certified executive coach, speaker and published author. She has been a guest on Global Leaers Radio with Alvin Miles, and appeared on Sunday Straight Talk with Tina Douglas on V-103. She’s been interviewed by BlackEnterprise.com for her advice career strategies and Essence magazine for her perspective and insights in a feature titled, “Black Women @ Work”.

Smart Phone Success and Terrific Tablets:  More Productivity (and Less Distraction) From Your Devices

Randall Dean is an expert on time and e-mail management, effective organization and related use of technology.  In Randy’s session you will learn how to customize your own suite of productivity related applications to get greater usage and capability from your devices, including better integration with Microsoft 65 and Google Suite. 

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Traci Brown is trained in body language of deception detection right alongside our country’s top law enforcement. She teaches lie, fraud, and identity theft detection skills she’s used to get the truth in billion dollar business deals, crimes and politics.  In this fast-paced session, you’ll discover:

  • The nine telltale signs that a person is lying.
  • How to quickly uncover the truth.
  • How to keep nefarious people from making you a victim.

The Fine Art of Building Business Relationships:  One Conversation at a Time

Join the conversation with keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and best-selling author Debra Fine for her fast-paced informative program where you will learn strategies for building a rapport, and cultivating your networking and conversational skills.  Turn every conversation into an opportunity for success!

Thanksgiving Favorites, Virtual Cooking Demonstration       

Join Celebrity Chef Mark Kalix for unlocking everyone’s Thanksgiving favorites.  From his kitchen, he will demonstrate how to carve a turkey and make fluffy mashed potatoes that are sure to impress your family and friends.  And after his demonstration, Chef Mark will answer your questions such as; “How much food should I prepare?”  “When should I put the turkey in the oven?”  “What can I do with all of the leftovers?”

Wines that Wow!             

Planning on entertaining your clients, family and friends during the holidays?  Jonathon Will, owner and president of the Vigneron Wine Consulting in Denver, Colorado has an approachable take on pairing wine to compliment any meal.  He will also share the wines he is looking forward to in the fall/winter season.

Planning and Etiquette for the Holidays         

Karen Harris has earned a reputation as an expert hostess in hotels, hospitality and culinary classes.  As a food blogger, Karen’s work has centered around lavish recipies with an elegant flair.  Karen will help you unlock the secrets to serving and etnertaining large groups.  If the holidays feel like a chore, tune in with Karen Harris!

Festive and Flattering:  How to Ditch the Ugly Holiday Sweater and Look Great this Holiday Season

As a wardrobe stylist and speaker, Morgan Wider advises executives, entrepreneurs and college students on how to build wardrobes that convey confidence and competence. Don’t end the year hiding behind a tree or in an ugly sweater and instead learn how to accept, love and dress your shape.

During this session, Executive Stylist, Morgan Wider will give you easy ways to dress and celebrate  your shape and size all year long!

Recognition of ABWA’s Best of the Best

Best Practices in League Management Recognition

The Best Practices Model is built upon a set of core values and offers league leaders a structured approach that ensures each league delivers an experience reflective of ABWA’s brand promise – a place where women have opportunties to learn, connect, and grow so they become the best version of themselves, personally and professionally.  Every year, ABWA recognizes those leagues that have met or surpassed the criteria for this recognition.  This year, we welcome back The Grapevine Group whose commitment to ABWA in these unprecedented times is with great appreciation.    

The Top Ten Business Women/American Business Woman Award  

Every year, members are nominated by their leagues as representative of the Association’s most accomplished business women after which, they are reviewed by three non-member judges for their academic achievements, career accomplishments, engagement in their community and their contributions to the ABWA community.  Then a group of their peers chooses one woman as ABWA’s American Business Woman.