The Rule of Three is widely associated with positive experiences, as in the case of ABWA’s three Regional Conference events, created for lifelong learners, like you.  Each event includes three opportunities including: networking, recognition, and market relevant learning sessions delivered by subject matter experts.  In addition, you will hear the inspiring messages from the presiding national officers and the 2020 Top Ten Business Women of ABWA!  

It’s Your Time to Rise to the Challenge and become the leader you were meant to be by attending one or all three of ABWA’s Regional Conference events. Join us in Louisville, Kentucky, Sugar Land, Texas or Durham, North Carolina, for three action packed learning events where we will empower you to know and grow your value in the workplace!

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Districts III & V

Breakthrough Critical Thinking    (.6  CEUs)

It’s a common dilemma for all entrepreneurs and workplace professionals to be faced with countless challenges and problems in today’s fast paced business environment. Now, more than ever, you need to be able to work through the problems using critical thinking skills. In this six -hour course, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and techniques.

Learning Objectives for this Course

  • Define and recognize the value of critical thinking
  • Explain the basic concepts of critical thinking
  • Discuss how to apply critical thinking to problem solving
  • Distinguish between facts and assumption
  • Summarize critical thinking for problem solving and idea generation

Presenter:  Marianne Friedland
Marianne has combined her management experience with her knowledge of training and sales to fuel a fascinating career spanning more than two decades. She has been called the trainer whose sheer presence at the podium makes the day memorable for all attendees. Marianne’s expertise is in the areas of management topics such as Breakthrough Critical Thinking.


Districts II & VI

Effective Teamwork Strategies    (.6 CEUs) 

The transformation of a group to a highly functional team takes work. This course covers the fundamentals of team dynamics, cohesion and cooperation. You’ll be challenged to apply these concepts through a series of exercises, discussions and games. You’ll also learn the crucial behaviors for participating in an effective team, including communication, conflict resolution, and decision making.

Learning Objectives for this Course

  • Application of teamwork fundamentals to develop and maintain effective high-performing teams
  • Bring teams together
  • Commit to a culture of cooperation
  • Build a positive and highly motivated team
  • Confront conflicts with confidence
  • Facilitate, and collaborate with others to solve problems

Presenter:  Anne Bonney
Anne has spent years as a trainer motivating audiences both domestically and internationally with keynotes, and workshops on a wide range of business topics. Her positive approach coupled with her subject matter expertise makes her a sought after speaker/trainer.


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Districts I & IV

The host hotel for this conference event, 21C Museum Hotel is sold out. The aloft hotel is the overflow property located just a short walk/drive to the conference venue (host hotel).

Unconscious Bias and Inclusions   (.6 CEUs)

The brain is natually inclined to make generalizations…some true, some false, some good and some bad. When generalizations might result in stereotypes and biases, we have the power to self regulate to foster more positive connections, allowing individuals to communicate confidently with one another.

Learning Objectives for this Course

  • Recognize the value of questioning certainty as they take steps to recognize unconscious bias
  • Gain insights to how the brain works, how biases develop, and why biases have negative consequences
  • Understand the fundamentals of cognitive psychology and how to avoid errors caused by automatic thinking
  • Explore the power of the brain to undo flawed or biased thinking and provide more freedom of thoughts
  • Eliminate stereotypes using five research-based strategies
  • Investigate the costs and benefits associated with inclusive thinking and behavior

Presenter:  LaVeer Jovel
For nearly 20 years, LaVeer has devoted her professional life to helping organizations become more efficient and effective. She has developed training programs specifically to address change management, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and workplace harassment. Before becoming a consultant/trainer, LaVeer was employed as a human resource manager, developing internal training programs for Smiths Aerospace (now part of GE Aviation Systems).