The First Virtual National Women’s Leadership Conference Hosted by the American Business Women’s Association


OCTOBER 14-17, 2020

This year’s NWLC conference is scheduled to be held in Colorful Colorado just about the time when the Aspens are changing to their vibrant gold color. However, because of COVID19, we are hosting our first ever, National Women’s Leadership Conference (NWLC), online.  The theme for this year’s conference, Reimagining Your Future.

Each year, the ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference brings together acclaimed authors, inspiring presenters, and certified trainers to support you in Reimagining Your Future and, this year, we’ve packed in even more opportunities to enhance your business acumen.

JOIN US ONLINE where you will see all your friends and attend an action-packed conference including FIVE inspirational keynote speakers, resource videos, networking and recognition events, and, professional development programming from notable business experts who will help you make your dreams into a reality.

Will we miss the hugs and sisterhood? Absolutely! But we will still get to see each other and share our personal triumphs and challenges as we plan our futures together. This is going to be a phenomenal conference that you don’t want to miss.

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Conference Keynote Speakers 


“Breaking Barriers”

What do you do when you have no one to follow-when you’re first in your field, on the tip of the spear–innovating, inventing, and driving the competitive rate of change in your industry? Breaking more than just the sound barrier, motivational speaker and Colorado’s First Lady Fighter Pilot will inspire you to greater heights than ever considered possible, sharing lessons and laughs from the cockpit.  In this keynote, you will learn the “Fight’s On” Framework to break your barriers and establish your business or personal flight plan for success. Find the inner fighter pilot in you–Fight’s On!

About Tracy…

Tracy “JackieO” LaTourrette, Colorado’s “First Lady” fighter pilot and one of the first women in the world to fly fighter aircraft, has flown missions globally as a combat mission-ready F-16 fighter pilot.  Tracy graduated along with 88% men from the US Air Force Academy with a coveted appointment from President George H.W. Bush. She entered less than a decade after women commissioned–and graduated before women were even authorized to fly combat aircraft! Lieutenant Colonel LaTourrette retired after 22 years of military service.  She is a sought out speaker that has inspired women and men to “Fight On!”  by overcoming the barriers that impede their success.  We are pleased that Tracy will be joining us virtually for this year’s conference event!   


“3D Trust in a 2D World: Innovative Approaches to Enhance Trust Virtually”

The ability to authentically communicate trust has never been more important than it is today. Digital body language cues are a significant data source used to make decisions around trust. Research proves that we believe what we see more than what we hear.  In this keynote, you will learn how to:  

  • Accurately assess others using body language. Discover and learn insider techniques developed to build trust quickly and easily with anyone; including demanding clients, difficult customers, and challenging stakeholders.

  • Behave in a way that communicates confidence and trustworthiness in every situation. 

  • Learn simple body language techniques that make people feel validated and appreciated.

  • Create an environment that fosters authenticity and trust. Express empathy and confidence with body language, turning first impressions into winning impressions.  

About Pamela

Imagine what it would be like to live as a different person with a different name, identity, and background. Working for months at a time with criminals and drug dealers, and your success depended on establishing trust. That’s precisely what Pamela Barnum did while working undercover in the Drug Enforcement Section (in Canada). Following a successful 20-year career in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate school. Now, she shares her expertise with others, teaching them invaluable communication skills that increase trust, improve relationships, and decode nonverbal cues.  Her TEDx Talk, “What Drug Dealers Taught Me About Trust,” was viewed more than 400,000 times in the first year.  


“Hit the Reset Button!”

In  this keynote, Tamara shares practical tips on  how to reset your focus while adjusting to a new normal, how to reboot  your creativity to maximize the moment of today and how to ignite your confidence to live a life without self-imposed limits! 

About Tamara…

Tamara Elilison is a professional development, business strategist, and “mindset shift” expert.  She  is currently focused on educating clients and assisting them to implement new practices and business models based upon outcomes they affect, advancing them beyond the conventional methods of developing a team or starting a business. Tamara’s in-depth knowledge of corporate operations and sharp observation skills allow her to grasp an organization’s nuances quickly. 



“Discover Your Mission: 4 Lessons From a Fifty State Journey”  

Comfort zones are not that comfortable, and fears are not that scary. What’s scary? Not moving in spite of them.

Janine Stange shares the shifts in her thinking and habits that led her to abandon comfort zones that she occupied for over a decade. Those actions led her on a life-changing 50-state mission that demanded self-motivation, focus, creativity, balance, and follow through.

Through stories that are both comical and moving, she will take you across the nation on her historic journey. Stange weaves in her three lessons designed to help you navigate your fears and doubts and to help you step out of comfort zones.  In this keynote, Janine will provide useful tips on how to:

– Break cycles of procrastination.
– Discover what is truly important.
– Develop systems to stay productive!

About Janine...

Janine Stange is a motivational speaker, singer, and on-air personality. She is best known for her historic journey to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in all 50 states – a mission she embarked on to honor our brave. Her story is the subject of “National Anthem Girl” a documentary by Kelly’s Filmworks now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Janine Stange motivates people to give back and identify ways to make personal change. Janine is the Founder of The Medal of Honor Mail Call, which collects letters, post-cards, drawings, and paintings from grateful Americans and distributes them to MOH recipients as a way to thank our nation’s heroes.

“Developing the Expeditionary Mindset”

Developing The Expeditionary Mindset takes the audience on a journey to high peaks and medical missions around the globe, detailing the exciting endeavors of mountaineer and adventurer Jeff Evans and providing meaningful lessons of teamwork, servant leadership, communication and handling adversity. These experiences highlight the importance of adopting an expeditionary mindset necessary to succeed both professionally and personally in our current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, which often involves the ability to successfully evaluate and adjust the ever-changing route up the mountain, the tools in your pack and the trajectory of the team.

About Jeff…

As a highly sought after speaker/facilitator, Jeff takes you on a journey to high peaks around the globe, detailing exciting endeavors as mountain guide, adventurer, and philanthropist. These experiences have allowed Jeff to hone his skills of servant leadership, teamwork, communication and handling adversity. His latest book, Climbing Through Storms: Managing Adversity in a VUCA world. Purchase price $15.00 plus shipping.

Professional Development Sessions

Look at this line-up!
Don’t miss the opportunity to gain knowledge, enhance your career, and earn CEU’s by joining some, or ALL, of these valuable sessions lead by seasoned professionals.

How to Overcome Unconscious Bias/presented by Franklin Covey

Valued at .5 CEUs

Facilitator/Trainer: ANDREA CALDWELL

Crucial Conversations/presented by Vital Smarts

Valued at .5 CEUs

Facilitator/Trainer: TRACI CHEVRAUX

Negotiation Skills for Every Business Woman/presented by the KU School of Business – University of Kansas 

Valued at .7 CEUs

Facilitator/Trainer: DR. MARK HAUG, PhD, JD

Channeling “My” Why Through Career

Facilitator/Trainer: TASHA JONES

Building an Effective Multi-Generational Workplace 

Facilitator/Trainer: JEFF BUTLER

The Power of Less

Facilitator/Trainer: ROSE LOUNSBURY

Worthiness Within Your Wardrobe:  How to Show Up with Power and Presence 

Facilitator/Trainer: MORGAN WIDER 


Best Practices in League Management 

The Best Practices Model is built upon a set of core values respected in business today.  The model offers league leaders a structured approach that ensures each league delivers an experience reflective of ABWA’s brand promise by providing its members with opportunities to connect, learn and grow so they become the best version of themselves, personally and professionally.  

Recipients of this award have demonstrated that they’ve delivered on the promise of the American Business Women’s Association by  

The Top Ten Business Women/American Business Woman Recognition Event 

This year, ten member of the American Business Women’s Association will be recognized as the Top Ten Business Women of the American Business Women’s Association.   This is the most prestigious honor bestowed on a member.   These women are selected for their career achievements, community involvement, and contributions to the Association.  After selected,  they prepare a three-minute speech on a particular topic and share at the annual conference event.  One woman, out of the ten women receiving this award is selected as the American Business Woman of ABWA.